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About Us

Dr. Nice's Natural Products is a California-based vegan skincare and wellness company. Our signature product, Dr. Nice's Moisturizing Gel, was formulated by a renowned pharmacist and global lactation and breastfeeding pharmacology expert to provide a safe, all-natural alternative to lanolin nipple care products. This patented vegan formula instantly cools and soothes sore, cracked nipples on contact, helping foster a positive breastfeeding experience. We have an expanded product line of all-natural, vegan skincare and wellness products for all. The Dr. Nice's Natural Products brand brings your family a mindfully safe and non-toxic gel made with high-quality ingredients in the USA. We invite you to embrace our mantra and global mission: Be Natural. Be Pure. Be Nice.

Our Story

Dr. Frank J. Nice is a passionate, renowned global pharmacology and lactation expert dedicated to the health and well-being of his family and yours. His compassion for wellness and comfort began with new moms and babies as the foundational, heartfelt mission of Dr. Nice's. After the birth of his first baby, he identified his wife's need for a purely vegan product for new moms nursing babies and passionately devoted decades of experience and research to formulating an innovative, all-natural product while focusing on efficacy. He shares his patented soothing and breathable protective barrier hydrogel that promotes healing and is not harmful if ingested.

Our Products

Our products are more than just skincare and wellness solutions. They are multifunctional, natural, vegan, and non-toxic, offering a holistic approach to your health and well-being. Made in the USA, we ensure high-quality, safe ingredients for you and your family. Our FDA-certified ingredients are formulated in an FDA-certified lab. Our products are designed to enhance self-care with their soothing properties, promoting a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. Dr. Nice's childcare products boost a unique self-application option, allowing kids to embrace self-care.

Our Passion Project

Dr. Nice's Natural Products donates a portion of proceeds to help support Health and Education for Haiti (HEH). HEH is a non-profit organization focused on providing medical, education, infrastructure, and basic needs throughout Haiti. Additionally, Dr. Nice's provides deeply discounted products to Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) locations throughout the U.S., among other charitable initiatives.